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DataOp as a sister company of ComOP is also focused on doing more with less; operating within a global landscape marked by increasing scarce human resources.

These shortages need to be filled by technology and the resources need to be able to operate more efficiently through utilization of smart and intuitive data rather than needing to manipulate it and interpret it.

Our investments in this sector are across KYC/AML, financial and portfolio data and employee ARR (Attraction, Retention & Reward) systems.

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When we analyse a possible portfolio company we assess against simple criteria;

  • Will the company’s product eliminate or significantly reduce the risk of error through human involvement in the production of data
  • Will the company’s product generate a higher quality of data
  • Will the company’s product present inferences, recommendations and answers
  • Will the company’s product (immediately or in the future) be able to deploy machine learning to continually optimize the quality of the data

We do not back foundational ideas. There needs to be a nascent product and sight of recurring revenue.

We believe data is at a critical point in its evolution and the ability for smaller players to emerge is essential. The market has less acquisition of start-ups by large tech as they struggle with costs and profitability.

This is ultimately better as it permits a number of ‘ways of doing things’ to emerge. It creates optionality and eliminates a ‘sameness’ of options to the market. Generates increase competition and serves the market better. We are proud to be playing our part in this.



ID PAL is a third generation, technology- first identity verification solution. The platform leverages industry leading technologies to run multi-layered biometric, document and database checks, delivering robust compliance and real time identity verification- without relying on manual input , which is subject to human error, time delays and risks data flight.


Fund Recs is a data utility for the investment fund universe. It traverses the data needs of investment managers , investors and service providers allowing all data users to receive all their data needs in their optimal format with no human intervention.


Wrky is a people analytics agency that helps organizations transform their businesses with unified people analytics. Their cloud-based platform integrates all HR tools and lets them deliver clients unrivalled insights. Wrky simplifies data-driven HR processes, drives engagement and helps to build award-winning cultures.


Seeking Investment?

As DataOp looks to expand our portfolio, we are seeking companies who meet the above criteria. Please reach out to the team with a description of the product, the opportunity as you see it, a little on the team and any existing financial modelling.

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